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Exclusivity Clauses


Watch out for lender owned or government owned properties that have an exclusive clause in the contract. Many of the lenders have clauses in the contract which state that the buyer (your client) must close with a title company designated by the seller. Read all contracts carefully.


Your client's lender may not have the seller's title company as an "approved" title company. This can cause potential headaches for both you and your client. It should be your client's choice on what title company to close with. If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact us.


Don't let them lure you and your client in that they will pay for the Owner's policy. Do you think that the seller's title company is looking after your clients best interest or just to sell the property for the seller at any cost. Remember, if you buy a property for $100,000.00, the owners policy only covers you for the $100,000.00. Let's say your client put $40,000.00 to improve the property. If there is a title issue then they have lost that $40,000.00!!! Also the property is tied up and cannot be sold right away. Explain this to your client and I'm sure they would rather pay for the policy to have piece of mind.

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